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Ban no idea why

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Date: 15/03/2019

In-game name:Baruah

Server(Survival/Skyblock): Survival

Do you believe this was an incorrect ban?: no idea

Why do you think you were banned?: no idea

What rule do you think you broke?: no idea

Why do you think you should be unbanned?: if i don't know why i was banned i have no answer to this question

It's been several weeks i did not play this server. I logged on a couple of times for 5 minutes or so. I have not a single clue why i'm banned
Posted Mar 15, 19 · OP
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When you try to log on it should clearly say why you are banned. You are banned because you kept stealing on our server.

Screenshot_5848_1552736745.png Screenshot_5849_1552736746.png Screenshot_5850_1552736746.png
Since your first ban is from June last year you didn't show any inprovement in your behaviour. After that you got another 5d ban, a 7d ban en now a permban all for stealing.

We tell all players to read the rules, especially when they got banned. 

To be extra clear:
2. Do not grief, kill, steal invade or loot anyone at all. Do not take over 'abandoned' builds as users may still own it. Do not claim land that is not yours. Do not modify land that has already been touched by other players unless granted permission by that user.

Posted Mar 16, 19
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It said I 'broke' the rules, not specifying details. I don't remember actively playing this server nor the 'stealing' ... from when exactly are those screenshots ?
Posted Mar 16, 19 · OP · Last edited Mar 16, 19
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Appeal Denied.

- Screenshots provided with user removing 1x dpickaxe/ 1x dshovel/ 5x diamond ores
Posted Mar 16, 19