I noticed that saplings are included in the farmer job, but sadly the user only gets money and exp for breaking them. They don't spawn naturally so I don't see why this would be. But I was wondering if they could be switched to "place" like the builder job. In general I think it would be beneficial for the farmer job to make money by placing crops, and I think saplings should be included because many players (including me) have tree farms. It would at the very least make it so that placing stuff is more fun, as is it gets pretty boring to plant a million trees, especially since there's no initial reward. Especially for farmers who put in so much effort to make huge farms and get essentially no reward until the crops are fully grown. And also on a separate note the other day I saw wheat can't be sold to the server. I played on this server before where it could be. Not sure if this is known or not. Anyway thanks for reading!