Hi everyone, I'd like to suggest consideration for any of the plugins from the vanilla tweaks section at https://xisumavoid.com/vanillatweaks/

For those not familiar yet with Xisuma, he is a Minecraft content creator on Youtube, and has put together several plugins that would be fun, or useful, to any server. I've been using several of these on my local private server worlds and they run very well, they are not resource heavy and I do not believe that they would be obtrusive in any way, except for any plugins that would cause extra blocks to be crafted from the vanilla settings (such as 8 stairs or 4 bark blocks) however I will leave it to the staff to peruse the list of plugins available.

A few I would be personally interested in seeing added are:
  • Customizable Armor Stands (all the cool poses for your perfect diorama scenes!)
  • More Mob Head Drops (this especially is fun because who doesn't want to decorate their base with trophies :p)
  • Terracota & Redstone Rotation Wrench (takes the stress out of having to place blocks correctly by getting into a strange possition)

  • Universal Dying (for quality of life I guess)

I hope that these will be viewed and considered. Thank you for coming by =)