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M1nus1Chrom1e's ban appeal

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Date: 2018-10-11 
In-game name: M1nus1Chrom1e 
Server(Survival/Skyblock): Survival of course 
Do you believe this was an incorrect ban?: No I do not it was a correct ban. 
Why do you think you were banned?: For breaking a harassment rule. 
What rule do you think you broke?:A harassment rule. 
Why do you think you should be unbanned?: I think I should be unbanned because of the simple fact that I truly love the server and I really have been dreading what I did and believe I have learned a big important lesson here and I believe that is being nice to all and not spamming people messages! If they would like to talk, text them once and they will get back lol. I have been away for almost a year now and I would love to either be givin a second chance because everyone makes mistakes and also I could buy an unban if there was an option in the store...i really hope the person reading this would be a very nice person as to 
Posted Oct 11, 18 · OP
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Good morning.

You clearly have not learned your lesson. You were perm banned in May for nonstop harassment. And you were perm banned, again, in June when you attempted to bypass your perm ban.So no, you have not been gone for almost a year, and no, you most certainly have not learned your lesson.

We do not allow unbans to be purchased because then we would have players like you who have not learned that their behavior will not be tolerated continuing to cause problems on the server.

Your ban will not be lifted. You will not be allowed back on the server. If you continue to post ban appeals, your will no longer have access to the site.

/appeal denied

Posted Oct 13, 18