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Not even a clue ...

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Date: 03/09/2018

In-game name: Baruah


Do you believe this was an incorrect ban?:Yes

Why do you think you were banned?: No clue ... it says griefing ... not been on this server for the past 4 days and i'm kicked 30 minutes ago after i visited my home on survival server

What rule do you think you broke?: again ... no clue

Why do you think you should be unbanned?: because in my mind i did nothing wrong ? I was already banned twice for 'stealing' from a chest which said 'free stuff'. Now it says griefing ... i do not know what the nature of this 'griefing' was and when it happend.

Posted Sep 3, 18 · OP · Last edited Sep 3, 18
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Thank you so much for posting an appeal. Let me give you a 'clue' as to why you have been banned for the third time from CSMC.

2. Do not grief, kill, steal invade or loot anyone at all. Do not take over 'abandoned' builds as users may still own it. Do not claim land that is not yours. Do not modify land that has already been touched by other players unless granted permission by that user.

This screenshot is from shortly after the server updated and you went adventuring (I know this because the area you looted from was at the former world border).

It's really not complicated to read our rules (which are available here on the forums, posted at spawn, and readily available on the server as a whole) and obey them. You are becoming a habitual offender on the server and your time with us is limited.

My advice? Take the next seven days to become familiar with our rules and play accordingly on your return.

Appeal denied.

Posted Sep 3, 18