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Reporting someone for claiming over my cactus farm.

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A while ago I created a sugarcane farm and cactus farm at the coordinates of X: 13900 Y: 67 Z: -2000
I claimed my sugarcane farm but forgot to claim my cactus farm. Without my permission the user of the account ZaLeonYT claimed my cactus farm I have built. I believe they broke rule #4 under game related rules. That rule says "Do not build or claim within 100 blocks of another player unless discussed with that player."
ZaLeonYT did not ask for my permission to claim my farm. If a moderator could help me unclaim my cactus farm I would greatly appreciate it.<3
Also, MaryLB and Mia were in a discord call with me while I built it if that helps. <3 <3 <32018-08-16_18.55.21_1534461210.png
Posted Aug 16, 18 · OP
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Thank you for reporting. Your farm has been unclaimed.

Posted Aug 16, 18