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Why was i perm banned?

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Date: 8/11/2018

In-game name: Coltman08

Server(Survival/Skyblock): Survival

Do you believe this was an incorrect ban?: Yes, I don't think I did anything bad to get perm banned.

Why do you think you were banned?: Maybe from greifing? I didn't do anything bad.

What rule do you think you broke?: I don't Know, I don't think I broke any.

Why do you think you should be unbanned?: I love this server and I play on it everyday, I support it, and I have bought stuff from your website. I'm just really confused why I got permed banned. I would really appreciate it if you would unperm ban me. I promise I won't do anything bad on the server again.

Posted Aug 11, 18 · OP
Good Evening Coltman,
You were banned because you griefed the town spawn area. This isn't your first time breaking the rules and you have been banned on multiple occasions for stealing and griefing, by now you should you should have known stealing/griefing something that isn't yours is bannable. It states right in our rules that we don't allow griefing or condone such behavior. This behavior has become a habit of yours and you have been warned many times. You have been banned permanently because you have broken our rules on numerous occasions.

Rule #2 on our website: Do not grief, kill, steal invade or loot anyone at all. Do not take over 'abandoned' builds as users may still own it. Do not claim land that is not yours. Do not modify land that has already been touched by other players unless granted permission by that user. 
- Do not grief end pillars.

Posted Aug 14, 18
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Appeal Denied. Proof Provided and Sufficient.
Posted Aug 14, 18