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I need to check with you guys

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Hey okay so i moved back home and was able to log into the server from my computer. So when i tried logging in it allowed me on. and INSTANTLY i logged out because i thought it would breach i dont know if its cause i moved but i came here right away to ask. you can look at logs and even the logs will proof what i said. So if i breached it by checking to see if i was banned i am so very very sorry. Once again if i am not allowed to be on i will re apply in 24 days time :) Thank you.
Posted Aug 6, 18 · OP
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Good afternoon,

Thank you for your honesty. Documentation was confirmed and your ban has been upgraded.

Also, there is no need to appeal again in 24 days. Perm bans are just that: PERMANENT.
Posted Aug 6, 18