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Crafted Serenity Custom Survival

Ban Appeal: Electronicide

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In-game name: Electronicide

Date: 07/13/2018

Server(Survival/Factions): Survival

Exact words that you see when trying to join CS: CSBan > Temporarily Banned Stealing -- Emmsteroni 3d3h13m

Do you believe this was an incorrect ban?: No

Why do you think you were banned?: Stealing

What rule do you think you broke: No Stealing

Why do you think you should be unbanned?: The only time I recall taking from a chest that was not mine was early on upon joining the server. (i.e. Several months ago) I would also like to add I only took from places that were clearly already abandoned, as made obvious by the half griefed house and previously raided chests. Once I learned that theft was against the rules (even from unlocked/unclaimed chests) I stopped. I've invested time and money into the fine server you have here and would not like to begin again elsewhere.
Posted Jul 13, 18 · OP
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You have broken the following rule:

Game Related Rules:

2. Do not grief, kill, steal invade or loot anyone at all. Do not take over 'abandoned' builds as users may still own it. Do not claim land that is not yours. Do not modify land that has already been touched by other players unless granted permission by that user.

electronicide_1531519875.JPG electronicide2_1531519888.JPG

Please see the above screenshots as proof that your griefing was recent and "several months ago" as you claim.

The staff team appreciates your opinion on determining if a claim is abandoned or previously griefed by your standards. However, you have broken one of our rules, and therefore the ban sticks.

While on hiatus from Crafted Serenity, I advise you to read over our rules once again so that you can continue playing once your ban is over. Friendly reminder would be that if it is not yours, and not naturally spawned in as part of the server, then it is not yours for the taking. Simple as that.

See you in 3ish more days!

Appeal denied.

Posted Jul 13, 18