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Ban appeal - xUNFORGXTTENx

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Date of Ban: 7/4/18
Server: Survival/Factions
Reason for ban: afk pool
Was this an incorrect ban? Yes because when i did /rules my computer wouldnt load the rules website, and when i asked in chat if afk pools were allowed, nobody answered so i assumed they were allowed because on most faction servers afk pools are allowed.
Posted Jul 5, 18 · OP
CraftedSerenity HEAD ADMIN
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You are banned for breaking the following rule:

Behavioural Rule #3: Do not use AFK Pools or other AFK bypass methods including but not limited to flying machines, boat machines, minecart machines, fishing machines, etc.

Your computer not being able to access a simple browser page is no excuse for you not following our rules considering they are posted at Spawn. I was one of the staffmembers on at the time of your banning, and you did not ask either of us, nor in general chat at that time if they were allowed. Even if you had asked prior and there were no staffmembers visible online, you could always ask in our discord lobby chat for confirmation.

Since it seems your computer is now able to handle viewing webpages again, I highly suggest you spend the next three days reviewing all of our rules before returning to the server to play.

Your appeal is denied.

Posted Jul 5, 18