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Ban Appeal discussion thread for Adam_Trask Pt. II

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In response to [Sr.Admin] emmsteroni,

"1) SaphiraCat provided you with a screenshot showing where you removed blocks from a build that was not yours. The coordinates for the grief are actually in the screenshot (please see the previously posted screenshot with the XYZ coordinates clearly visible). Are you the builder? No. Did you have permission to remove the blocks from this build? No. Not when a player reports the grief, you clearly did not have permission."
SaphiraCat gave three individual screen shots two screen shots that are of cropped coordinates. and a separate of a build with the text box that would display the coordinates cropped out. I understand that you are trying to tell me that these images have correlation, but how are you supposed to communicate correlation when the screen shots are split. I would believe that to be trying to stitch false evidence together. Hence I am unable to enter the server to verify that those coordinates are the coordinates are the coordinates listed. I just think it is impermissible since the evidence is split.
Here is the handle of a knife. and here is a knife blade with DNA left from the victim. They could go together, but since they are shown as two separate pieces of evidence you cannot make the conclusion with the given evidence that i was the one to do that specific instance of griefing. You mentioned that it is clearly visible and i am making the distinction that indeed it is visible but you cannot expect anyone to believe that that is conclusive because the images are split.

I do understand the tolerance of grief policy and i am just trying to discuss why i think that the case you are presenting is insufficient with the given evidence of three separate cropped images and word of mouth is not alone enough. I am trying to tell you that it would be more logical for argument to have the screen shot of the coordinates with the build in the background clearly displaying that those coordinates are tied to the build itself.
The individuals who have staffed this server are knowledgable and i believe know what they are doing, but you are providing me with an argument that Adam Trask is guilty because he is guilty and there is no reinforcement or strength in the argument.

in response to
"As for a “more experienced staff member”, as I previously mentioned in my response that you seemed to have picked through and ignored most of, your appeal is under review by the Owner. "
You have not opened or continued any arguments or discussion in your post, and moving foreword I re explained and re stated my reasoning and thoughts behind what i wanted and verified there importance.

I am not frustrated with the server staff, i am attempting to hold an argument with the individuals who are trying to convict me.
I was asking for one full fluid screenshot of the coordinates and the build in the background with some form of date stamp on the one single screenshot so that everyone was to know that all of the evidence is linked.
I wanted for you to prove that the evidence being shown was not mine. And you could have displayed a block log of the build with the original players name and blurred everything but the first letters providing that they are different than that of mine, as well this screen shot with the build in the background and date stamp.
I know that you may have taken cropped screen shots because you wanted to hide chat interactions of players. But this weakened your argument.
I understand the elements of the ban. I will wait.
Overall the evidence presented to me was sufficient for me to claim not guilty and not strong enough to convict. If a loophole is given to get out of trouble anyone would take it.
When my ban is up i will make sure to mind my own business more.
Posted Jun 13, 18 · OP
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CS Head-Admin
At this time I am going to remind you that you are currently banned, and the owner denied your ban appeal based on all of the evidence that was provided.

If you continue to post about this particular ban, your access to website will be revoked.
Posted Jun 13, 18
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3 uncropped screenshots. There is clear evidence you griefed a players base and the logs of coreprotect aren't lying. Just accept the fact that you have been caught and owe up to the consequences, instead of playing the role of a victim.
I would also like to remember you your ban appael is closed so there is no need to discuss this further.

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Posted Jun 13, 18
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Appeal Denied.
Posted Jun 14, 18