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Sorry for Afk bypassing

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The date I was banend was June 4th, 2018

My ign is deucedog101

I was banned from the survival server

Whenever I try to join the survival server the chat says,
Kicked whilst connecting to survival: CSBan >> Permanently Banned! Reason >> afk bypass --emmsteroni

This was not a incorrect ban and I am sorry for putting a bottle on my spacebar on purpose.

I think I was permanently banned because I was bypassing the afk rules.

I know I broke rule #3 Sorry 0-0

I think I should be unbanned because I play on the server all the time. I just really wanted to rankup and I sat a bottle on my spacebar to keep my character non-afk.. I am very sorry for bypassing the afk timeout system. I understand why the server has the timeout system and now and I can't play on the server. Sorry for breaking rule 3.
Posted Jun 4, 18 · OP
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Appeal Denied.
Posted Jun 12, 18