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I Am Sorry <3

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Hi Admins,

I was banned on May 20, 2018. My in-game name is iConfxsed. I was banned on Survival. I tried getting back on the server but it said "kicked whistled connecting to survival: CSBan > Permanently Banned"! Then it said "Reason > bypassing ban- saph". Then it said that I can send in an appeal on forums then the link to the website. I don't think this was an incorrect ban I did not know that you cannot take things from unclaimed lands. It was only my 2nd day on the server and I was just starting to understand the server. Unless you do not accept this appeal I would be happy to be unbanned because I enjoy playing on this server so much that I even played 6 hours in a row in one day. I am new to towny/survival servers and I want to see what more there is. I hope you will accept my appeal I am sorry for breaking the rules I will not make the mistake ever again. I will also return the stuff that I stole back to it's rightful owner.
Posted May 20, 18 · OP
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Incorrect Ban Appeal
Posted May 24, 18