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Report - Stealing of Property

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So my friend FeralWitch and I have been having issues with people in our land, and we just built a castle on my twitch stream (link at end of this post to prove its ours) and NightlyShark585 came through and claimed the land that we built, the castle and our storage house. I was not able to claim it for personal reasons and feral has been in and out of the hospital so we could not claim it. I do not think it is fair that someone can do that.

Building the Chest room -

Labeling and Moving all the chests -
Posted Apr 25, 18 · OP · Last edited Apr 25, 18
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Issue Resolved.

In the future, please claim your area. You can buy more claim blocks buy using the command /buyclaimblocks , then you can trust whom you want to your area.

Thank you!
Posted Apr 27, 18