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Helper Application

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IGN: Blueeeyy
Discord: Izaac#1909
Real Life Name: Izaac Mateo
Age: 17
How i found the server:
Why I want to be helper: I really enjoy this server and i think i can become an integral part of your staff team. I have excellent developing skills , i have excellent communication skills & i run a hosting company so i can most refs offer you FREE hosting as well as web hosting. I also can invest in the server amounts up to $1,000. If you want more info on my skills as a developer and my previous experiences, including my work for please message me on discord.

Anything else? : nah you guys rock!
Posted Apr 3, 18 · OP
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Thank you for your interest in a position with CSMC!

First and foremost we have an official application for staff positions listed right here on our website! If you had followed our carefully laid out protocol for staff applications, you would have seen that we have requirements even just for applying.

Perhaps you should take a step back from trying to self promote yourself on our server and enjoy playing in our wonderful community.

If you still feel like you meet the requirement to apply, just scroll back up to the top of the screen, click on More, then Apply.

Thank you!

- CS Staff Team
Posted Apr 3, 18