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Ban Appeal Wyatterp1423

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Date: 2018-03-24


In-game name:




Exact words that you see when trying to join CS:

Reason: Griefing End Pillers -MarryLB

Do you believe this was an incorrect ban?:


Why do you think you were banned?:

I was banned because i broke end pillers for obsidian.

What rule do you think you broke:

The no breaking end pillers rule.

Why do you think you should be unbanned?:

I belive i should be unbanned because it is such a small mistake that i made.
Sadly i usualy assume the rules are the regular no griefing and no stealing such as every server has and after talking with staff about how the end and nether works i assumed they where "Resourse worlds" meaning they just get reset every now and then and the world itself is made to be destroyed for resourses.
In the end i apologize for breaking part of the pillers for obsidian. i was using it for a test to see how much the obsidian would sell for and if it would give good mcmmo experience.
Posted Mar 24, 18 · OP
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i would like to add on by saying even tho this i only a 3 day ban i was told by Emmsteroni that i could still make a ban appeal. i have no proof of that tho because they deleted the discord logs
Posted Mar 24, 18 · OP
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Hello, wyatterp1423!
To start things off, you broke the Game Related Rule #2:
-Do not grief end pillars.
The small mistake you made was very clear to many players who have read the /rules which we leave entirely to the responsibility for each player to follow.
Though they are "Resource Worlds", the reason as to why we have that rule is for the purpose of being able to respawn the Ender Dragon. Destroying the pillars would be preventing it from respawning for the next usage.
Lastly, yes it is correct you can still make ban appeals for 3 day bans, however, seeing as you have admitted to breaking the rule and seemingly haven't taken the responsibility of checking the rules and understanding them beforehand, you will not be unbanned and will serve out the rest of the ban time.
I advise you to please make sure to understand the rules and the possible consequences that may follow upon not obeying them.
Thank you ! 😊
Posted Mar 24, 18
CraftedSerenity CEO
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Agreed to MarLB
Posted Apr 1, 18