1) Common sense is our main driving factor in the rules.
In general, respect each other and do not run around ruining the atmosphere for others just so you can have fun. Below you can find more in-depth explanations of the main rules. If you are still unsure whether something is against the rules, ask a staff member. Even if a rule is unclear, ask a staff member, as the staff’s interpretation of the rules is the only valid one.


2) When you join our network registering an account, you agree to our conditions and rules stated in this post.
"I didn't know," or "I didn't read the rules," are not valid justifications. Depending on the case, we will apply the same punishments in the same way to everyone who breaks the rules.

Remember to check this post at least once every 2 weeks as its rules and punishments may change!

After numerous and repeated offences that may vary from player to player you will get the maximum punishment (except the ban) of the category skipping all the lower punishments.
After 60 or more offences you will be permanently banned from the server.
We will consider your offences in your past 90 days. No more resets at predefined dates, now you're forced to always behave correctly.

Our servers rules and punishments are as follows:
Please note that the following punishments are just indicative, depending on the case we can chose to apply different punishments.

3) Cheating, Hacking, Using unallowed mods, Exploiting, etc.
These offences will almost certainly be punished with a straight permanent ban.
Chat Offenses
The chat moderation will consider public chat, private chat and server specific chats such as Factions chat, plot chat, party chat, etc.

4) Acting uncivilized, begging, spamming, flooding (or causing flood/spam), using caps, hackusations (accusing someone for using hacks), being racist/sexist/etc., command trolling ("do /ci", "do /lo", etc), pretending to be a staff member, spamming asking for rankups, hashtag abuse, disrespecting, inciting to suicide or to any other kind of harmful behavior, indecency, sexual harassment and any other kind of behavior that might ruin in any way the game experience of someone else or that will be considered as inappropriate can be punished as follows:
● 1st offence: /tempwarn 8mo default
● 2nd offence: 30 minutes of mute
● 3rd offence: 1 hour of mute
● 4th offence: 6 hours of mute
● 5th offence: 12 hours of mute
● 6th+ offence: 1 day of mute
Spamming Classified: Usually spam is the repetition of a word 3 or more times within 5 minutes.Advertising or sharing websites, servers, channels and links leading to inappropriate and/or adult content and/or content unrelated to CSMC, threatening, blackmailing, sharing pro-terrorism and/or controversial content, admitting to hack/use not allowed mods (even as joke), admitting to be breaking a rule (that can be punished with ban), having an inappropriate/offensive name, ban evadingcan be punished with a permanent ban depending on the case.
Offensive Behaviors

5) Abusing /afk to avoid combat, abusing pets (in combat for example), abusing /top /jump /fix /heal (or any other command) while in combat, command abuse in general, chest scamming (except fac and opfac), command spam, /helpop abuse, claim trolling can be punished as follows:
● 1st offense: /tempwarn 8months default
● 2nd offense: 3d Temp-Ban
● 3rd offense: 5d Temp-Ban
● 4th offense: 1w Temp-ban
● 5th offense: Permanent Ban

6) Scamming, creating inappropriate content (sexist, racist, adult-related, offensive, etc) such as buildings, books, signs, weapons or anything that could contain text or custom content, creating lag machines/farms, warpkilling, portal trapping, glitching through blocks/access areas you're not supposed to access (i.e. glitching inside a factions base), faking help requests with the purpose of trolling or tp-killing a staff member, inappropriate faction names/descriptions/titles can be punished as follows:
● 1st offence: /tempwarn 8months default
● 2nd offence: 3d Temp-Ban
● 3rd offence: 5d Temp-Ban
● 4th offence: 1w Temp-Ban
● 5th offence: Permanent Ban

Note: also that for scams we might apply economy changes (balance reset, etc) and we might take back eventual items scammed.
It is still allowed on factions servers. We do not handle scams that can easily be avoided with /trade and we do not handle scams that involve in real life deals/money (i.e. items in game for money on paypal). We do handle money scams exclusively if they involve our CSMC store.

7) Unauthorized access to other player's accounts, disclosing/stealing private information (real names, telephone numbers, IPs, contacts, passwords, pics etc) as long as the subject didn't share them first somehow and the info is not available online, stealing passwords (or attempting to), attempting (or encouraging) chargebacks, refusing to collaborate when being screen shared or leaving before the end of the screen share can be punished as follows:
● 1st offence: Permanent ban.
Note: Unauthorized accesses may lead to a total account reset as well.
Note: If you'll have any sort of unauthorized modification during the screenshare you'll be banned even if not used in the current session.

8] Having more than 1 account can be punished as follows (some additional punishments such as balance reductions may be applied):
● /tempwarn 8month default (ON MAIN)
● Permanent Ban (ON ALT)
Note: If the main account logs in another ALT ACCOUNT, This will result in a Permanent Ban for Both Accounts.

9) Exploiting game mechanics. Exploiting game mechanics to gain unfair advantages with the abuse of commands or anything in a way that is not the one intended (i.e. Afk pools, making someone suicide to boost stats, etc) can be punished as follows (some additional punishments such as balance reductions may be applied):
Permanent Ban

10) Scamming users promising ranks/perks for in game money/items/valuables (DONATION scamming), AFK mining/fishing (macros, weights on keyboard/mouse, etc anything that makes you mining or doing anything but commands automatically) can be punished as follows:
● 1st offence: 1 week of tempban and 50% of eco reduction (-scammed money as well if present)
● 2nd offence: Permanent ban and eco reset

11) Helping ban evaders and/or keeping the secret when someone confess to you he/she is breaking rules, sharing account with banned players, pretending to be offended by something with the only purpose of getting someone in trouble or trying hard in any way to do that, selling accounts, advertising in chat/forum/pm is not allowed.
The punishment can range from a kick to a permanent ban, depending on the case.

We reserve the right to decide when and how consider something as offence (i.e. abuse of caps) and to punish for cases not listed above. You can ask a staff member if you are in doubt.