Common sense is our main driving factor in the rules.

In general, respect each other and do not run around ruining the atmosphere for others just so you can have fun. Below you can find more in-depth explanations of the main rules. If you are still unsure whether something is against the rules, ask a staff member. Even if a rule is unclear, ask a staff member, as the staff’s interpretation of the rules is the only valid one.

Behavioural Rules
1. Do not impersonate or ignore staff members.
2. Do not use any clients that will give advantages over others. (walking machine)
- Minimaps are allowed
3. Do not use AFK Pools or other AFK bypass methods including but not limited to fly machines, boat machines, minecart machines, fishing machines, etc.
4. Alts are not allowed by one player. Do not attempt to bypass bans using alts as well.
5. Do not try to bend rules as you will still be punished.

Game Related Rules
1. Do not troll, harass, or scam anyone in the server.
2. Do not grief, kill, steal invade or loot anyone at all. Do not take over 'abandoned' builds as users may still own it. Do not claim land that is not yours. Do not modify land that has already been touched by other players unless granted permission by that user.
- Do not grief end pillars.
3. Inappropriate naming of items, nick names, skins, tools, or armor will result in a ban.
4. Do not build or claim within 100 blocks of another player unless discussed with that player.
5. Do not add ranks to your nick name.

Chat Related Rules
1. No self-censoring, Sexual, Drug, Religious or Political discussions allowed on CSMC.
2. Discussing bans is not allowed anywhere besides the forums.
3. Spamming is strictly prohibited (this includes excessive use of CAPS, walls of chat)
4. ENGLISH ONLY in Global Chat (/g)
5. Do not make self harm or suicidal jokes/comments.
6. Advertising of anything not relating to CSMC will result in a ban. (Including mentioning other servers, voice servers, websites, social media, etc.)
7. Do not attempt to bypass the chat filter

General Rules
1. Respect all players and staff members.
2. You are responsible for the security of your own account.
3. Use your common knowledge you were born with.
4. Do not attempt to counter staff decisions. They are final.
5. You are to understand and follow all rules or consequences will apply.
6. Any chat that is considered disrespectful in any way can be punished (racism/homophobia/ableism, etc)
7. Found Exploits Must Be Reported To Staff As Soon As Found

*rules are subject to change at any time.